Monday, April 22, 2019

Managing Public Speaking Anxiety

Brad Liebe, the owner of KK&B Financial Services, helps clients identify their financial goals and obtain various retirement products. He provides financial information through one-on-one consultations and group seminars. Skilled in public speaking, Brad Liebe presented motivational seminars with Rick Olson Seminars for several years.

Regardless of how skilled you are at public speaking, there will always be situations that make you feel nervous. Fortunately, this anxiety is manageable.

One way to manage public speaking anxiety is by being well-prepared for your speech. If you can, choose a topic that interests you, or present the topic in a way that excites you. By being enthusiastic, you’ll interest your audience in your speech.

Another way to manage anxiety is by changing the way you think about public speaking. Don’t expect perfection from yourself, and recognize that everyone makes mistakes. Focusing on mistakes magnifies your imperfections in your mind and makes you even more nervous about exposing them to an audience. 

In addition, you should not equate public speaking with your self-worth. Public speaking is only a small part of your life and has little or no impact on the way others see you in other aspects of your life.

Finally, prepare a dialogue instead of a monologue. Dialogues are better for speeches because they engage the audience and grant you opportunities for small breaks. These breaks can give you a chance to take a drink of water, take a deep breath, or get your anxiety under control before you continue.