Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Planning a Golf Trip to the Old Course at St. Andrews Links

As the owner of KK&B Financial Services, Brad Liebe guides a firm that provides dedicated retirement planning services spanning a range of insurance and annuity offerings. A golf enthusiast, Brad Liebe maintains a 20 handicap and has interest in traveling to Scotland and experiencing the Old Course at St. Andrews Links.

Not the private club that many imagine when considering a golf vacation, the Old Course maintains a level of exclusivity by requiring men to maintain a maximum handicap of 24 and women of 36. Open year-round as long as weather permits, on Sundays the course is closed for golf, and local residents use it as a public park. 

With demand great, those who don’t arrange packages well in advance must register in a lottery each day. One option for those with a few days to spare is the Links Trust’s "unlimited golf" ticket, which is available in durations of three days or a week and allows unlimited play, depending on availability, at all the courses at St. Andrews except the Old Course.