Friday, March 30, 2018

Copper River Country Club Offers Kids' Activities

Since 2012, Brad Liebe has led as owner of KK&B Financial Services for Seniors in Fort Myers, Florida, where he offers financial counseling on matters such as Medicare supplemental insurance and long-term asset management. Outside of his professional life, Brad Liebe pursues a diverse range of hobbies that includes deer hunting and golfing. In particular, he enjoys golfing at the Copper River Country Club in Fresno, California.

Designed in the mid-1990s by William R. Tatham, Copper River Country Club features a 30,000-square-foot clubhouse and a challenging USGA-authorized golf course that takes advantage of the rolling hills and lush scenery around Fresno. In addition to the golf facilities, Copper River offers members amenities such as a pool, a fitness center, and a childrens’ play area. 

The Kids' Centre at Copper River provides a safe and enjoyable environment where children can play while their parents enjoy the club. Carefully screened professional staff members supervise children and plan activities such as craft projects to keep the little ones busy and engaged in a safe and clean environment. Additionally, for the past 22 years, the club has provided summer activities such as the All-Star Sports Camp, which offers weekly sessions devoted to teaching sports such as golf, tennis, and swimming.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Management Training Fosters Long Term Growth of Companies

Motivational speaker Brad Liebe has appeared at numerous conventions and seminars through Rick Olson Seminars. Focused on helping companies achieve their maximum potential, Brad Liebe regularly speaks about management training.

Management training focuses on improving the individual skills of team leaders for the overall benefit of the company. Training is conducted with an emphasis on soft skills, such as empathy and communication, together with business skills such as proper reporting, talent acquisition, and performance reviews. 

The mission of management training is to educate and motivate managers toward achieving their full leadership potential, in turn boosting employees’ morale and productivity. When managers feel more empowered and emboldened from their training, they are better able to execute company strategies, engage peers and colleagues, solve internal conflicts, and even create a more enjoyable work environment. 

Another crucial benefit of management training is that it positions companies for success ahead of process changes. When a company is about to implement changes, rather than simply briefing managers and expecting them to execute, the company can train managers on the new processes and products. The managers will then pass on the information to subordinates, and once everyone is on the same page, the changes can be implemented more effectively.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Look at Medicare Supplemental Insurance

North Central University graduate Brad Liebe is a motivational speaker and financial advisor who serves the Fort Myers, Florida, area. Brad Liebe draws on his financial expertise as the owner of KK&B Financial Services for Seniors. 

KK&B is an independent agency that partners with major providers of financial products to provide the best services to clients. The firm offers a range of financial advising services designed for retired individuals or those close to retiring. 

Medicare supplemental coverage is one of these services offered by KK&B. Known as a Medigap policy, this supplemental coverage pays for certain health care costs that are not covered by traditional Medicare. The product’s coverage takes effect once Medicare has covered its share of a service. However, some Medigap policies provide coverage for services that traditional Medicare does not cover at all. Privately sold, the product should not be confused with Medicaid or other Medicare plans.