Friday, April 27, 2018

Health Care Should Be Part of Your Retirement Planning

Working from Fort Myers, Florida, Brad Liebe is the owner of KK and B Financial Services for Seniors. Here, Brad Liebe helps seniors plan financially for retirement. This includes planning for their health care spending.

Health care should be an important part of your retirement planning. Even though you qualify for Medicare once you reach 65, you will still have to pay a significant part of your health care expenses after that point. For example, you’ll have to pay for Medicare Part B premiums and any other supplemental insurance plans such as Medigap. You’ll also have to pay for over-the-counter medication and long term care. 

A 2017 Fidelity study revealed that a healthy couple retiring at age 65 will pay $275,000 in health care costs over the course of their retirement. The 2016 figure was $260,000. Fidelity projects these costs will continue to rise due to price increases of pharmaceuticals and longer individual life spans. Medicaid will only meet an estimated 60 percent of your total health care spending after retirement. This is why it is absolutely important to factor health care into your retirement planning. Talk to a financial planner about how you can do that.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Three Tips for Getting Started as a Motivational Speaker

An experienced financial professional, since 2012 Brad Liebe has served as owner of KK&B Financial Services for Seniors in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition to his career as a financial consultant, Brad Liebe spent two years with Rick Olson Seminars as a motivational public speaker.

Motivational public speaking as a career offers numerous benefits. In addition to traveling and interacting with hundreds of people, public speakers get to talk about subjects they are passionate about while potentially earning substantial income. Getting started in this field can be a challenge, however. Here are a few tips for beginning your career as a motivational public speaker.

Start small, and start local. It’s unlikely that your speaking career will immediately begin with a national tour in sold-out auditoriums. When you’re building your speaking career, begin locally by exploring speaking venues in your town or city. Additionally, friends and family members might work in companies that bring in public speakers for employee- or management-training events.

Develop a niche you’re passionate about. There are thousands of motivational public speakers around the country, and to build a career you’ll need to stand out in some way. Focusing on a subject that you’re passionate about is important, but just as important is finding an angle to that subject that will help you shine in a crowded field. 

Build a social media presence. One of the best ways to connect with the public and other speakers in your field is to build a social media presence. By actively posting on Twitter and Facebook, you will not only connect virtually with others in your niche, but also create a built-in platform for advertising your speaking engagements.