Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Selecting the Right Deer Rifle

Brad Liebe, the owner of KK and B Financial Services for Seniors in Fort Myers, Florida, is an avid hunter and enjoys opening the deer hunting season with his father and son every year. Deer hunters like Brad Liebe must carefully select the firearm they will use to hunt deer.

Different deer hunters have different needs, depending on the ways they hunt. Those who use a tree stand or blind to get a great vantage point on open spaces should consider a heavier weapon with a high-magnification scope and flat-shooting, long-distance cartridge. This enables the hunter to take down a deer from any distance. Those using stands or blinds to hunt in wooded or brush-covered areas should favor a light, easy-to-aim rifle.

Those who do not use stands should focus even more on lightness. A rifle used for still-hunting or spot-and-stalk hunting, when most shots come within 150 yards and the physical demands of the trek are often high, should weigh seven pounds or less. This is especially true in spot-and-stalk hunting, in which the hunter might need to hike, crawl, or run with the weapon to secure a takedown.